Charlie Jonas

Before you email me, I have a few requests. This page isn’t intended to deter anyone from emailing me, but rather to save both of us some time.

  1. I prefer plain text rather than HTML emails.
  2. Please don’t send me an email attachment in a proprietary file format, for example .docx, .xlsx or .pptx. Acceptable attachment formats include plain text, Markdown, HTML, PDF, PostScript and image formats such as PNG or SVG.
  3. Please don’t send me large attachments. If you need to send large files then please use an online pastebin or file storage service such as Dropbox.
  4. Write to me on one email address only. I have several different email addresses that I use for different purposes but I don’t want multiple copies of the same message.
  5. If I send you an email from one address please reply to that same address.
  6. Please protect my privacy, as well as yours. Don’t give my email address to an invitation service without first asking me. If you want to share a URL or link, send it yourself instead of clicking the “email” button on the web site.
  7. No matter how good the cause, do not add me to any kind of mailing list without checking with me first.
  8. I live in the UK which follows daylight saving time. We use UTC+1 during the summer (from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October) and switch to UTC+0 during the winter. Please factor this in when awaiting replies to correspondence.